Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc.

The Crystal Healing Foundation, Inc.

Established 2007

Judi A. Lynch,  President


In Your Words: 

"This Healing Light Energy is very powerful.  Not only was my thigh healed but most of the inflammation problems in both hips has been removed.  Hopefully the healing energy will spread as many are in need now. I am amazed at the good work you do- far beyond what most churches do.. The entire community should be grateful." Jim "My neck is totally well! Feels the best it has felt in weeks.  I feel like a new person.  Thank You!!!  Thank you and all our blessed guides!!!!! Donna WOW...that was some session. You sure have tuned in to your guides to be able to communicate like you do.  I was encouraged to get back to the White Light.  Thanks again, Vicki I got out in the yard and worked this afternoon.  I could not have done this before the healing that took place last Sunday March 1, 2009.  The healing happened.  I feel so very blessed!  Thank you for your role in my healing.  Most Sincerely, Jean "I'm sending up thanks to the universe in general but I did want to thank you for your part and to please don't stop what you're doing because we're feeling the love from here in Huntsville all the way to Vandy!" Blessings to you!  Beth   " "I am immensely grateful for all that you have shared with us, and for the spiritual connections that you have helped establish.  I found your meditations to be extremely powerful.  You have opened so many doors, introduced so many new ideas and have actualized the experience well beyond words in a book. I think of your classes as a miraculous time.  And I suspect it's true for all of us.  Just want you to know that." Janis I am so grateful to God, my healers, and you, Judi for the healing that has taken place! The healing (session) felt like tissue was being forced through a narrow place back to where it belonged.  Like pulling a loose balloon through the entrance of the neck of a bottle. Amazing! Yes, a miracle :)!!!" Much Love and Gratitude Jean "I met you on Saturday, I came to your church...You told me my Spirit Guide's name and told me to feel the energy.  The most beautiful thing happened last night.  I sat quietly to do my meditation.  I spoke aloud and asked to let me feel this energy.  My whole body instantly felt electrostaticly charged. It was like a pulsating wave, the feeling was so intense and lasted about a minute or two.  I could hardly sleep last night and awoke refreshed with new eyes to the world this morning. I wouldn't have known how to do that this early in my spiritual journey without help.  God bless you for what you do for others," Christie  "I really feel as if I were in a "dream state" all the way home.  Thank you for opening up my channels.  Love and Light." Ayla "I felt the love of the Holy Spirit engulfing me with peace and wholeness.  I feel that my burden has been lifted.  Now the anxiety and depression is gone. May the blessings of the Holy Spirit come to you. Jim "I was looking for clarification and boy was it clear!"  I am still knocked over by the show of energy...thanks for understanding, verifying and just being you.  Blessings!"  Ernesta "I am still on cloud nine! I feel more grounded than I have ever felt!  God Bless you as you continue to do His will! I pray that all you need will come to you! With much love and appreciation," Jean